Western Junction Aerodrome Timeline


Survey for an Aerodrome Site

Proposal & Funding by State Govt Grant of £25,000 to survey air route Vic to Tas and selection of aerodrome site. Visit made by 2 RAAF Fairey 3D Float Planes to conduct the survey.

October 1927
Formation of the Australian Aero Club, Tasmanian Section

(Became the Tasmanian Aero Club in 1935).

Find a site for Aerodrome near Launceston

Federal Government requested Aero Club to find site for Aerodrome near Launceston. Site selected was part of the Hogarth’s farm at Western Junction. Government (Department of Defence purchased the land).

October 1930
Western Junction Aerodrome ready

The aerodrome is ready for use. Aero Club Hangar built  by the Federal Government.

23 November 1930
Aero Club VH-ULM
First Flight

After assembling the Gipsy Moth, Captain Joseph Francis pilots VH-ULM off Western Junction aerodrome for the first time

December 1930
Aero Club Clubhouse built
Aero Club Clubhouse under construction Nov 1931 at Western Junction

Club house built by members and is ready for use

28 February 1931
First Air Pageant and Western Junction opened

Aero Club runs first Tasmanian Air Pageant to open Western Junction aerodrome, 15,000 attend.

Holyman’s donate the flagpole to Aero Club. It was the mast of the Holyman ship “Toroa” wrecked in on Rabbit Island in the Furneaux Group in April 1916. (It is now the only structure still on the Aerodrome from opening day).

November 1931
First Airmail to UK
The Southern Sun at Western Junction Nov 1931

Kingsford Smith's Avro X, “Southern Sun” leaves Western Junction on the first Australia to UK air mail service. This TAHS article tells the story of the flight. 

19 March 1932
Miss Flinders
Commercial Flights to Flinders Island

L. M. Johnson purchases the Desoutter monoplane “Miss Flinders” and starts regular services between Western Junction and Flinders Island on 19 March.

September 1932
Miss Currie
Holyman Brothers start Commercial Flights
Miss Currie

Holyman Brothers Purchase De Havilland DH-83 “Fox Moth”, “Miss Currie" and begins passenger flights from Western Junction.

September 1932
Tasmanian Aerial Services

Holyman brothers and L. M. Johnson amalgamate and form Tasmanian Aerial Services.

February 1933
Holyman Brothers Hangar

Holyman Brothers Hangar opened for Tasmanian Aerial Services, now Hangar 17.

1940- 1945
No 7 Elementary Flying School

R.A.A.F. Pilot and Navigation training school trained 1800 pilots

Runway extended with all weather surface

Runway upgrades for regular DC4 aircraft operations

New Terminal
Western Junction

Runway is extended, parallel Taxiway is added, new terminal is under construction.

Terminal is opened on 29 Oct 1967.


May 1998

The Airport is privatised on 09 May 1998, Launceston Airport is owned by Australian Pacific Airlines Corporation

September 1998
Royal Flying Doctor Service Hangar completed