"Miss Flinders" - A significant part of Aviation Heritage of Tasmania

Miss Flinders is a Desoutter Mk. II Monoplane, with the Australian Registration VH-UEE.

It arrived in Tasmania in March 1932, and began flying passengers from Western Junction to Flinders Island.

The timeline below summarises the history of Miss Flinders. (Special thanks to both Geoff Goodall  and Fred Niven for their detailed histories of the plane).

Miss Flinders on display at QVMAG
"Miss Flinders" on display at QVMAG at Inveresk,, February 2020

The TAHS became the custodians of Miss Flinders in March 2020, when it was removed from display at the QVMAG.

Historical Aircraft curators carefully dismantled the plane and prepared it for storage. 

In February 2021 it was reassembled and displayed in the Launceston Airport Terminal, as part of the 90th Anniversary of the official opening of Western Junction Aerodrome on 28 Feb 1931.

Miss Flinders VH-UEE on display at Launceston Airport - February 2021
Miss Flinders on Display at Launceston Airport February 2021

In late November 2021, Miss Flinders was raised and placed on an column in the departure terminal at Launceston Airport.

This project was was funded by the Launceston Airport, the Tasmanian Government and TAHS. 

Miss Flinders on elevated display at Launceston Airport



Desoutter Monoplanes in Australia  Compiled by Geoff Goodal

Notes on Desoutteer Aircraft ‘Miss Flinders’ by Rex Woodford 

A brief history of  Miss Flinders: Launceston’s pioneering plane by Julian Burgess (Feb 2020)

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