Australian National Airways (ANA) (1930 - 1931)

Australian National Airways

The first Australian National Airways was operated by Charles Kingsford Smith an Charles Ulm. In 1931 they operated a service Essendon to Western Junction and Brighton till June 1931, when the company ceased operation

Flinders island Airways (1932)

Lawrence McKenzie Johnson brought Miss Flinders to Tasmania and commenced services between Western Junction and Flinders Island in March 1932. In October, he merged with Holyman Brothers to form Tasmanian Aerial Services.  More information is available on the Miss Flinders page.

Holyman Brothers Airways (1932)

Holyman Brothers

Victor and Ivan Holyman formed Holyman Brother in September 1932 and started operating between Western Junction and Flinders Island with the De Havilland Fox Moth Miss Currie

Tasmanian Aerial Services (1932 - 1934)

Tasmanian Aerial Services

The company formed when Holyman Brothers and Lawrence Johnson merged in October 1932. They operated Miss Flinders, Miss Currie and in 1933, Miss Launceston, which could operated between Essendon and Western Junction

Matthews Aviation (1933 - 1934)

George Matthews operated his amphibian flying boats  Cutty Sark and the Windhover across Bass Strait. Their story is presented here.

Hart Aircraft Service (1933 to 1934)

Hart Aviation operated with the Tasman across Bass Strait. There story is presented here.

Holyman's Airways (1934 to 1936)

Holyman’s Airways

Tasmanian Aerial Services was renamed as Holyman’s Airways when Lawrence Johnson left the company in July 1934.

Australian National Airways (A.N.A.) 1936 to 1957

Australian National Airways (A.N.A.)

In November 1936, Holyman’s Airways merged with Adelaide Airways to form (the second) Australian National Airways. 

Advertisements of Australian National Airways, published in the in-flight magazine “Air Travel” from 1949 to 1946