Newsletter No 10 Winter 2022

In our tenth newsletter, Winter 2022:

  • Tasmanian Aviators. Captain Aubrey Koch MBE
  • Tasmanian Glider Club – Part 1
  • Tasmanian Aviators – Cummings and Lovell Brothers
  • Hart Aviation Services – Bass Strait Service
  • David Warren and the Black Box
  • Swansea Demon Tragedy
  • Leviathans from the past – The Dornier X

Newsletter No 9 Autumn 2022

In our ninth newsletter, Autumn 2022:

  • Tasmanian Aviation Giants – The Holyman Family and ANA Part 5
  • Matthews Aviation Bass Strait Service to Tasmania
  • Believe it or not!! – Tasmanian and Bass Strait Mysteries
  • Leviathans from the past – Junkers G 38
  • Demons Over Waratah

Miss Flinders - A Tribute - 90th Anniversary of Tasmania's First Commercial Air Service to Flinders Island

In March 1932, Lawrence McKenzie Johnson purchased a Desoutter monoplane and flew the aircraft from Essendon airport to Western Junction (as Launceston’s airport was then known) and commenced a twice weekly passenger and freight service between Western Junction and Flinders Island.

To mark the 90th Anniversary of Tasmania’s first commercial air service we have produced a newsletter presenting the story of “Miss Flinders”, from its early service in Ireland, to its current display at Launceston Airport.

Newsletter No 8 Summer 2021

In our eighth newsletter, Summer 2021:

  • Tasmanian World War 1 Aces – Arthur Palliser
  • Some Helicopter Stories from Tasmania
  • The 90th Anniversary of the first Australian Airmail Flight to the UK by “Smithy”
  • Tasmanian Aviation Giants –Holyman Family – Part 4 – Hazel Holyman
  • Sunderland Flying Boat visit to Tasmania to support the Victory Loan Scheme
  • Tasmanian Aviation Giants – Harold Gatty
  • Where are they now – the De Havilland Heron’s that flew in Tasmania
  • Tasmanian Aviators – Frances Jackson, our first women pilot

Newsletter No 7 Spring 2021

In our seventh newsletter, Spring 2021:

  • Tasmanian World War 1 Aces – Hudson Fysh
  • Bass Strait DC3 Freighters – King Island Beef to Fiji
  • Australian National Airways and the War Years
  • The Visit of Bert Hinkler to Launceston in May 1928
  • Tasmanian Airports  – A short history of King Island Airport
  • Miss Flinders on display at Launceston Airport 1966 – 1997
  • Proposals to use Helicopters in Tasmania 1946 – 1954
  • “The Flying Bug” – The Diary of John Stanwix
  • Tasmanian Aviators – Lloyd Jones

Newsletter No 6 Winter 2021

In our sixth newsletter, Winter 2021:

  • Tasmanian Born WWI Air Aces – Eric Douglas Cummings
  • Tasmanian Aviators of No 1 Squadron, AFC
  • Famous Tasmanians: Ivan Holyman
  • Miss Flinders Aircraft Logbooks
  • Tasmanian Airports and Airstrips past and present – Furneaux Group
  • Mysteries of Aviation – Stutt and Dalzell
  • Japanese Reconnaissance Flight of the “Glen” over Hobart on 01 Mar 1942

First Flight from Sydney to Tasmania 100th Commemmorative Newsletter

To commemorate the arrival of the Flying Boat in Launceston on the 20th of May 1921, the first flight between Sydney and Tasmania.

This survey trip left Sydney on the 13th of March and arrived back on the 4th of July.

Additional Information is presented on our Aircraft page.

Newsletter No 5 Autumn 2021

In our fifth newsletter, Autumn 2021:

  • Tasmanian Born WWI Air Aces -Raymond Brownell
  • Famous Tasmanians: Victor Holyman
  • Aviation Heritage – Circular Head
  • Miss Flinders: On display again at Launceston Airport
  • Brief History of Tasmanian Airports: Devonport
  • Airmail Letter Mystery – unlocking a fascinating story

Western Junction 90th Anniversary Newsletter

To commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the opening of Western Junction Aerodrome on 28 February 1931, this special newsletter summarises the major milestones at the airport and the advancement of commercial aviation in Tasmania.

Newsletter No 4 Summer 2020

 In our fourth newsletter, Summer 2020:

  • Tasmanian Born WWI Air Aces – Allan Runciman Brown
  • Famous Tasmanians: Sir Hudson Fysh – Part 3
  • Brief History of Tasmanian Airports: Wynard
  • Miss Flinders: Its time in Tasmania
  • Mysteries of Aviation: What happened to VH-WMD?
  • What airline meals used to be like

Newsletter No 3 Spring 2020

In our third newsletter, Spring 2020:

  • Tasmanian Born WWI Air Aces – Frank Alberry
  • Famous Tasmanians: Sir Hudson Fysh – Part 2
  • Brief History of Tasmanian Airports: Hobart
  • Miss Flinders: comes to Australia
  • Mysteries of Aviation: What happened to VH-AQL?

Newsletter No 2 Winter 2020

In our second newsletter, Winter 2020:

  • Famous Tasmanians: Sir Hudson Fysh – part 1
  • Brief History of Tasmanian Airports: Launceston
  • Miss Flinders: its time in Ireland
  • Mysteries of Aviation: What happened to VH-DSJ?

Newsletter No 1 Autumn 2020

Our first newsletter, Autumn 2020:

  • Introduction to the TAHS, current office holders and activities
  • “Miss Flinders”, its past and future
  • Holyman hangar at Western Junction
  • Our display at Georgetown Wings & Things 

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