Membership Application

We invite people of any age who might like to contribute to the building a collection of aviation material that shows how important Tasmania is to the general history of Australian Aviation.

We have three tiers of membership:

Full and Associate Membership for Individuals

Full Members have active participation in the TAHS and are entitled to vote at TAHS meetings, while Associate Members will receive periodic updates from the TAHS, but are not entitled to vote at TAHS meetings.

Corporate Membership

We also invite companies to become members. Please Contact Us to organise your membership.


How to become a Member?

Please complete the Application form below, or Contact Us and we will send you a membership form.

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The success of a Society like the TAHS is dependant on active participation by members. Why would you like to join? What are your areas of interest? Is there any activities you have skills and interests in? (e.g. research, archival, displays, computer skills, promotions etc.)